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You can contact use the contact page on our home page to get help from Derek. You can also use the Bug Report feature in the Site Settings section of your School Sports Site. School Sports Site is currently on version 4.36. You can see recent updates below.

Version 4.36 - 2021-09-12

Fixed a bug that prevented meets from appearing in runner diaries...for real this time.

Version 4.35 - 2021-08-18

Fixed a display error that showed the wrong title text in the pop-up window when an administrator was added to the site.

Version 4.34 - 2021-08-16

Fixed a bug that prevented meets from appearing in runner diaries and added tooltips for runner diary information.

Version 4.33 - 2021-08-11

Readded sleep and soreness to the new runner diary and changed the runner miles in the Stats section to only show runs from the current season.

Version 4.32 - 2021-08-09

Fixed a bug that prevented administrators from changing their site between runner-initiated and admin-initiated diaries.

Version 4.31 - 2021-05-30

Grammar fix for one mile runs in the runner diary.

Version 4.30 - 2021-05-28

Updated meet results entry to support new runner diary system.

Version 4.29 - 2021-05-23

Added ability to view weekly runner diaries from the control panel.

Version 4.28 - 2021-05-23

Fixed bug that caused some error messages in the Runner Diary section of the control panel to appear in the wrong place.

Version 4.27 - 2021-03-06

Added the ability for coaches to add run types for use in runner diaries.

Version 4.26 - 2021-02-21

Added ability for coaches to choose a run type when adding runs to the diary.

Version 4.25 - 2021-02-20

Added ability for runners to choose a run type when adding runs to the diary.

Version 4.24 - 2020-10-19

Changed text on Results/Records Page of control panel to separate Records and Results pages since they are now different pages on School Sports Sites.

Version 4.23 - 2020-10-09

Fixed bug that prevented custom search links from working.

Version 4.22 - 2020-10-08

Fixed minor error when site information is fetched that caused a PHP warning.

Version 4.21 - 2020-09-11

Fixed a bug that prevented emails from being added to the mailing list.

Version 4.20 - 2020-08-19

Added ability to create leaderboards based on multiple meets.

Version 4.19 - 2020-08-12

Fixed image link for records with no runner image.

Version 4.18 - 2020-08-08

Fixed bug that caused header image to display incorrectly on mobile.

Version 4.17 - 2020-08-07

Load stylesheet from database to allow for custom stylesheets.

Version 4.16 - 2020-07-28

Fixed display bug that didn't properly resize modal window when Add Another User/Administrator feature is used.

Version 4.15 - 2020-07-14

Added tooltip to show meet name when hovering over meet date while adding results.

Version 4.14 - 2020-07-11

Allow results to be added when a runner is added after the meet is added.

Version 4.13 - 2020-07-10

Added date below runner name in table when adding results to avoid needing to scroll up to see meet. Added padding to column headers when editing meet results so meet names don't run into each other. Changed "require_once" to "require" in file that loads database because there was a conflict with PHP function scripts. Fixed code to allow single quotes in meet names.

Version 4.12 - 2020-07-09

Added space at bottom of intro Record page

to prevent record year overflow.

Version 4.11 - 2020-07-08

Removed option for encrypted GET when loading database since it conflicts with the Javascript variable included on main pages.

Version 4.10 - 2020-07-07

Created common site for School Sports Sites to include files from to improve performance and allow sites to be updated more quickly.

Version 4.03 - 2020-07-03

Removed extra

tag from Records page that caused CSS issues for sites that didn't include all four Record categories.

Version 4.02 - 2020-06-08

Fixed bug that displayed meet results incorrectly when adding results on mobile.

Version 4.01 - 2020-06-07

Fixed bug that skipped runs if they were added after a run with a more recent date. Created feature to allow athletes to log their own runs if the site administrator allows it.

Version 4.00 - 2020-06-01

Third major design change to School Sports Sites. Sites now use JSON and stdClass to process information. Mail functions now use PHPMailer to better ensure email delivery. Removed ability to create custom designs.

Version 3.73 - 2020-05-31

Added ability to use metric units instead of miles.

Version 3.72 - 2020-05-27

Fixed bug that showed previous button when there was only one note

Version 3.71 - 2020-05-26

Added ability to edit a single meet when adding results on mobile. Changed value to data-value in moreNews button on home page.

Version 3.70 - 2020-05-21

Allow for schedule GET requests and sort the schedule from most recent to oldest when editing the schedule. Removed drag-and-drop sort and prevented duplicate sort values. Removed all hard-coded table row colors so tables would fit site design.

Version 3.69 - 2020-05-18

Added mobile menu.

Version 3.68 - 2020-05-17

Fixed bug that showed preceding 00: for records. Moved awards menu to page menu.

Version 3.67 - 2020-05-15

Removed subtitle from notes & added preview, next, and comment buttons.

Version 3.66 - 2020-04-21

Fixed error that showed route key instead of meet name for record.

Version 3.65 - 2020-04-19

Don't display the search button on the mobile search page.

Version 3.64 - 2020-04-18

Removed code to output note images since note images were deprecated in 2016. Moved time validation for adding meet results to Javascript.

Version 3.63 - 2020-04-16

Converted distances to floats to remove trailing 0s when getting distances.

Version 3.62 - 2020-04-13

Fixed bug with query to insert forms for active athletes. Encrypt emails stored in database for better security. Delete emails using Key instead of email address.

Version 3.61 - 2020-04-12

Removed Internet Explorer specific code. Added warning message for external links added to comments.

Version 3.60 - 2016-09-01

School Sports Sites and databases moved to the same server to improve site speed.

Version 3.50 - 2013-08-01

Second major design update for School Sports Sites included a mobile-friendly version. Removed the gallery feature and control panel reminders.

Version 3.20 - 2012-08-01

The addition of leaderboards, the automatic calculation of personal records, custom pages, and athlete grade/gender.

Version 3.10 - 2012-07-06

The launch of the Football version of School Sports Sites. The football version includes football-specific stats and calculators such as QB rating, completion percentage, yards per carry/reception/completion, and solo/assisted tackles. It also includes a weight room that lets athletes track their best lifts.

Version 3.00 - 2012-01-16

The launch of the Generic version of School Sports Sites. This version can be used by coaches of sports that don't currently have a School Sports Site.

Version 2.10 - 2011-07-01

Added a "Start New Season" wizard to walk users through the tasks to start a new cross country season.

Version 2.00 - 2011-06-01

First major design update and backend update for School Sports Sites. Added an in-context control panel on certain pages when an administrator was logged in and the ability for administrators to create their own designs.

Version 1.00 - 2010-03-30

The original release of School Sports Sites: Cross Country version.