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School Sports Sites is different from other sites offering websites for cross country teams. Cross country is a sport that doesn't always get the recognition it deserves and our sites are tailored to the sport unlike any other. Our School Sports Sites have the basics such as a schedule and the ability to edit any part of the website, but our sites include technology not seen on any other sports sites and our control panel makes it easy to update your site. In fact, our sites are also VERY EASY to update even if you have no experience with web design as each page has its own control panel that tells you what you can change.

Benefit to Coaches

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Benefit to Parents

I've looked at "packaged" sites before...and they are not in the same league as what you have here.
- Mark Sirois, St. Pius X

Cross Country

School Sports Sites Cross Country Goal TimesA cross country coach's greatest asset is time. More specifically, the times a cross country runner runs are vitally important to assessing how individuals are performing. With that in mind our cross country site includes a number of tools for tracking workouts and runner improvement.

Stacking Up Against The Competition

WebsiteCostScheduleFile UploadsBlog with CommentsEmail BlastsTeam StatsStat Calculators
SteepleWeb $0 - $198* YES YES YES YES YES NO

We feel School Sports Sites stacks up pretty well against our competitors. Check out the table if you don't believe us, but we also encourage you to check out their websites as we think we've got them beat in pretty much every category. You can click on links in the table to see explanations for certain categories.

Most other sites offer a crippled free version that is paid for with ads or so hobbled that they expect you to upgrade to a paid version. We do not do this because we want you to experience all our sites have to offer. If you want to know how a School Sports Site works you can check out our Demo Page and try one.

Our support is also top-notch. When you first sign up for School Sports Sites we will help walk you through the set-up process over the phone or through your favorite video-conferencing app. No other website provides this type of one-on-one support.

We also don't have a confusing pricing structure. We have a single website package and you get everything with that package. If you know of a site that you believe we've missed or find a mistake in the list of other companies send an email to Derek and we will include the new site in the list or correct the mistake.

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